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KCDC Recap

Hello Everyone! I have just returned from KCDC 2019, and I had an absolute blast at this conference.From various speaker and attendee events, to the people whom I met, to the overall caliber of content and presenters and learning that took place, to the organizers, and last but most importantly...


Working with Azure Redis Cache

During my studies for Microsoft exams 70-486 and 70-487, one of the topics I’ve encountered is Redis Caching with Azure. I’ve never personally used this tool on a production application, but it’s always interesting to me how once you know about something it tends to pop up often in your...


A Deeper Dive into C#

Have you ever taken a deep dive into C#? If you’re like me, you probably have been programming for a while and wonder why you would ever want or need to do that. As part of my personal growth plan for this year, I’m trying to achieve recertification for MCSD...


There is no such command as “git fear”, so why are we so scared of GIT?

Over the past couple years, I’ve been on a personal mission to eliminate fear of GIT for myself and others.As such, I wanted to share a couple of GIT tools today that I’ve found in my journey.These tools help me to learn and be confident with GIT commands. These tools range from teaching tools...


Cache Clear and the mystery of unchanging Javascript and Images during web development

Hello Everyone! I wanted to take a moment to talk about a scenario that happens very often when doing web development. The scenario can cause all sorts of headaches, pains, and lost time. Often, the resolution seems like some sort of voodoo magic was applied when suddenly everything "just...


Git: From Beginner to Fearless

Hello Everyone! Tomorrow I will be giving the live version of GIT: From Beginner to Fearless at Prairie Code in Des Moines. I'm excited to kick off this course with this 8 hour workshop and look forward to working with those who will be there. The whole idea of this course centers around what...