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Git: From Beginner to Fearless

Hello Everyone! Tomorrow I will be giving the live version of GIT: From Beginner to Fearless at Prairie Code in Des Moines. I'm excited to kick off this course with this 8 hour workshop and look forward to working with those who will be there. The whole idea of this course centers around what...


ASP.Net MVC Quickstart!

Hello Everyone! I've just released the final version of the ASP.Net MVC Quickstart course that I've recently built. This course is designed to give a whirlwind overview of all of the working parts of the Microsoft .Net MVC Web framework using Entity Framework and MSSQL. This course will not...


Opening the doors

I'm in the process of creating a class to try out teachable. In the process, I've found that we can make a blog here as well. I'm posting this to see what the blog looks like.Looks like if I want to do code I'll need a third party integration or drop in images. Still, I'm stoked this feature...