Setup an account at GitHub

In order to work with a remote repository, we need somewhere to host it. GitHub is the ideal choice for this course because it is one of the most popular places to store code, both privately and publicly. There are other choices available for sure, such as BitBucket and Visual Studio Team Services. If you're familiar with using one of those, then by all means keep using it! Most of, if not everything we do in this course will work on any of the popular platforms.

In this video, we walk through setting up an account at GitHub. In some ways I feel silly even putting a video like this out there. Hopefully getting an account at a website is not something you will struggle with. So if you've already got an account at GitHub and/or you know how to do this, you wouldn't really need to watch this video.

In other ways, there are people who like to see everything from the ground up. For those of you who are like me, this walk through will be nice background noise while you work through getting setup at GitHub.

In the end, to move forward with this course, the main goal here is that you have a working account at GitHub where you can create Remote repositories.